Wednesday, 13 April 2011


My apologies for a very brief post today.   As you will have gathered, I had a wonderful day in Oxford on Sunday, but as usual such delights have to be paid for and it will be a couple of days longer before I'm back functioning at anything like normal.  This does, however, give me the opportunity to point those of you who practise yoga in the direction of the blog my own yoga teacher has recently established.


I've been working with this particular teacher for about five years now and she is really very good indeed.  Her blog offers suggestions for sequences of poses as well as links to other sites where she has found ideas that she thinks her students will enjoy.   I hope you enjoy them too.


  1. Beautiful photo! Thank you for this link :-) I started doing yoga at home last year but have gotten out of the habit. It's something I would like to get into again.

  2. Hi Annie,

    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling below par.

    The lovely photo, is so relaxing to look at, it cheers the spirit.

    I have never tried Yoga personally, but I do suffer terribly with stress, so perhaps it is something I should seriously consider.

    I checked out the website and one of today's posts, entitled 'Yoga At The Steering Wheel', particularly caught my attention.

    I so need to frame that quote and stick it on the car dashboard, so that I read it before every journey!!!

    Take Care.


  3. Thank you for mentioning my yoga blog, Anne. I am new to blogging and still learning . Yvonne glad you liked the 'driving-yoga' post - I like it too- better than being driven nuts by traffic jams and other minor irritations! Best wishes to all.

  4. Christina, I'm sure you will find no end of inspiration here. I only have a lesson once every six weeks or so but this keeps me fresh in between.

    Thanks Yvonne, I find yoga and mindful meditation really useful when it comes to getting through the rougher parts of life. But it is very important to find a teacher who you can connect with. I've been very lucky there.

    Kalpana S, lovely to see you here. I love the notion of concentrating on the journey rather than the arrival. It's a lesson I could do with learning in all walks of life.

  5. Thanks for this link Annie. Hope you are feeling better now. I was away last week (have a little contract which occasionally takes me to remote WA) and so missed your last few posts. Catching up now. Anyhow, thanks for this link. I do do yoga in the mornings and am always looking for new routines/sequences. I also liked the too busy post ... as it reflects the sort of things I tried to do last week. Now I won't feel guilty for not fitting in a proper routine each day.

  6. WG, I'm a first thing in the morning gal as well and it is so easy to stick to the old routines. This site really helps with that.

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