Bookworms' Current Programme

September 12th
‘Revolutionary Road’ ~ Richard Yates
Meat ~ Margaret and Sue
Veggie Option ~ Jenny
Cheese ~ Helen
Salads ~ Pauline
Bread ~ Ann
Puddings ~ Cherilyn and Sylvia
At Margaret’s at 10.30

October 20th ~ Sue
‘The House of Mirth’ ~ Edith Wharton
At Helen’s

November 17th ~ Helen
‘Quarantine’ ~ Jim Crace
At Pauline’s

December 15th ~ Pauline
‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ ~ Philip Pullman
At Jenny’s

January 19th ~Jenny
‘Gifted’ ~ Nikita Lalwani
At Margaret’s

February 23rd ~ Ann
‘Daniel Deronda’ ~ George Eliot
At Pauline’s

March 23rd ~ Margaret
‘One Day' ~ David Nichols
At Ann’s

April 27th ~ Syliva
‘Bitter Fruit’ ~ Achmat Dangor
At Cherilyn’s

May 18th ~ Cherilyn
'Room" ~ Emma Donoghue
At Sue’s

June 15th~ Sue

'The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim' ~ Jonathan Coe
At Helen’s

July 20th ~ Helen
‘Rites of Passage’ ~ William Golding

At Sylvia’s

September 11th at 11.00
'The Maltese Falcon' ~ Dashiell Hammett
At Margaret's

October 19th ~ Jenny

'Tarka the Otter' ~ Henry Williamson

At Jenny's

November 16th ~ Pauline

'A Monster Calls' ~ Patrick Ness

At Ann's

December 14th ~ Ann

'The Summer Without Men' ~ Siri Hustvedt

At Margaret's

January 18th ~ Margaret

'Last Night in Twisted River' ~ John Irving

At Sylvia's

February 15th ~ Sylvia

'The Bell Jar' ~ Sylvia Plath
'The Birthday Letters' ~ Ted Hughes

At Cherilyn's

March 21st ~ Cherilyn

'Artemisia Gentileschi' ~ Anna Batti

At Sue's

April 18th ~ Sue

'No Name' ~ Wilkie Collins

At Helen's

May 16th ~ Helen

'The Emperor's Babe' ~ Bernadine Evereisto

At Pauline's 

June 20th ~ Pauline
At Jenny's

July 18th ~ Jenny
At Ann's

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