Wednesday, 9 March 2011


This is shaping up to be the Week From Hell.  In part it is my own fault.  I promised myself (and enough specialists to staff my own hospital) that I wouldn't over commit myself again and I genuinely didn't think I had done, but what I forgot to do was look in my diary when I said 'yes' to various requests and so didn't see that they were all scheduled to happen in the same fortnight.  This is the second week of that fortnight and if I make it to the end I promise I am never going to say 'yes' to anything on the spot ever again.  It is always going to be 'let me get back to you', so that I have time to look at the implications not only of the time given over to the actual event but also to the time that is going to be necessary to prepare for it. 

So, this is likely to be the only post I put up before the weekend and I apologise for lack of visiting and commenting this week.  

However, I thought I ought to tell you why my week from hell just got worse.  I've just been contacted by my credit card company who informed me that as a result of a charitable donation I'd made to the New Zealand Red Cross my details had been compromised and I was now being targeted by fraudsters.  They've stopped my card and I'm now going to have to make an emergency dash to the bank in order to have enough cash to buy food for the ten days before the new one will arrive.  As I know a number of bloggers have given to the same charity I wanted to be sure you were aware that there might be a problem and that it might be an idea to check your own card security.

As my mother would have said, "If it isn't one thing, it's another."

I hope you all have a better week than I'm having.


  1. Oh dear ... firstly I know about over-committing, and I don't have any health problems so do take care. (But I don't need to tell you that, do I?)

    As for credit card fraud. How nice of you to donate to Qld - on behalf of my near neighbours I thank you, but am sorry you've ended up in trouble. BTW, how do they know it was that that did it? We had our credit card cancelled a month or so ago when overnight two charges were made in the US - both were tiny (one was a $1 to Netflix, which doesn't operate in Australia, and the other was around $25). The bank leapt on these as not valid, stopped the card, and when my husband tried to buy a new bus pass on the way to work in the morning he couldn't use the card. These days we need to have at least two cards I reckon!

    Anyhow, I do hope you make it through the week ... we can wait for your next post.

  2. Oh dear, I do feel for you. It is so easy to over commit when it's your natural inclination to be polite and helpful.

    And I had to do a similar emergency bank dash last summer when my card was cloned.

    Please look after yourself, and remeber that you can only do so much.

  3. Oh no, you are having a stressful week. I hope all comes out ok and you find calm again soon.

  4. Oh, Annie, that's awful!

    And saying no can be the hardest thing - good luck with all your commitments and here's hoping next week will be better!

  5. Thank you all. If I make it through to this afternoon I should be over the worst and I am writing this listening to the news coming in from Tokyo - who the hell am I to grumble!!

    WG my credit card company had noticed that customers who were complaining of fraud had only one thing in common and it was that they had all donated using a particular site.

    See you all soon.

  6. By this point, things should be a little better, right? I hope so! It's hard when everything comes together as once, and yet that's always the way it happens. I hope you have a restful weekend and a calmer week next week.

  7. Yes, Dorothy, by this point I am at least feeling a little saner, although given this last week that probably still means the men in white coats are waiting on standby:) You've been through it yourself, lately, I think from some of the things you've said. Perhaps we need to give each other a good talking too.

  8. Thank goodness this week is spring break! I'm keeping myself busy through it, but at least I have a chance to catch up on things a little bit, so I can go back to school next week feeling a little saner!

  9. Dorothy, just getting way from the location and having a change of scene and pace can help so much, can't it.